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From the darkness – original painting

I was having an awfully bad day (brought on by a big white envelope) which felt like one of the worse days in the last 10 years (12 years to be more precise)

I took a new canvas, the black color and the big brush. I felt like making it all black; taking it out of my heart and spreading it all onto the canvas.

Then, I just stepped away from it to feel the feelings.

Feelings of hope emerged from deep down inside and they felt like gold and bright white.

“Everything will be alright” I kept telling myself. “It will all be good” “hang on”

I was pleading to God for help. feelings of gratitude that He’s got my back, as always.

It is another rough road I have to walk on and get over with.

My finger with a considerable amount of white paste started frantically drawing roses. Splashes of hope . Splashes of golden light.

It will all be good. We’ve got this.

“We” because I know I am not alone.


From the darkness – acrylic paints and structure paste on gallery wrapped canvas

50×70 cm

This painting is a constant reminder that even if it feels like your world is falling apart,

YOU are never alone.



Birth of a painting

20160923_104255You know that the paintings have their own life? I do believe they do. You may think of the artists as the tools that choose or are chosen to bring them to life. This might extend to all areas, too but I should not get into this now, because  I really  want to tell you about the birth of a painting that bears the name “Cloud”.

The idea is born in my mind or in my soul (I still have to learn about this process) and I grab a canvas to make it come alive. But during this process, the idea doesn’t like the way my hand draws it and it just flies away.

I  am left standing there, with a dirty canvas, a shattered confidence in my skills and wondering what has happened. It was such a lovely idea! why it looks so bad on my canvas? 20160923_0913391

Well, I let it fly away, because I know I will, at some point, be seeing the idea born to life by other hands, by another artist.

I learned about the travelling ideas in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Magic” It is indeed magic and if you are involved in any kind o creative life, this book is a must.

Back to my painting.

Just in the middle of it a rose was born and then another one and then another. I remember thinking how many roses will there be? the whole canvas? a side? they look a bit off standing there in the middle. but the roses kept appearing on my canvas through my brushes, consuming all the red I had (lucky me I had another bottle)

Then an accident occurred and some paint started dripping. Panic. I am quickly grabbing some tissue. No. Wait. It looks good.

Thank you!

Pfiuu. I find myself adding more dripping paint and I am starting to like the new idea that was born through me on my canvas.


Well, hello “Cloud”

Thank you for choosing me to be your mamma!