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Lilac original painting

Lilac Original Painting Abstract Art

the forever fascinating beauty of the tiny flowers that wear an unforgettable fragrance. Memories of spring, memories of love and peaceful feelings flood the soul.

SIZE: 50 x 40 cm / 20 x 16 inch

Media: acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


You can purchase this original painting in my etsy shop: Lilac Original Painting


The last two – original acrylic panting

“The last two” – oiginal abtract flowers painting by Ioana Stef
Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas




The last two – perspective

Moonlight Original Oil Painting


Original Oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas

30×40 cm

Only the roses are shining in the garden, lit by the moonlight. All is silent and you can only hear the leaves moving in the gentle breeze. Listen to the white roses, they whisper words of hope.


Moonlight Oil on gallery wrapped canvas


Moonlight by Ioana Stef

This painting is available in my Etsy shop: Moonlight Original Oil Painting

Birth of a painting

20160923_104255You know that the paintings have their own life? I do believe they do. You may think of the artists as the tools that choose or are chosen to bring them to life. This might extend to all areas, too but I should not get into this now, because  I really  want to tell you about the birth of a painting that bears the name “Cloud”.

The idea is born in my mind or in my soul (I still have to learn about this process) and I grab a canvas to make it come alive. But during this process, the idea doesn’t like the way my hand draws it and it just flies away.

I  am left standing there, with a dirty canvas, a shattered confidence in my skills and wondering what has happened. It was such a lovely idea! why it looks so bad on my canvas? 20160923_0913391

Well, I let it fly away, because I know I will, at some point, be seeing the idea born to life by other hands, by another artist.

I learned about the travelling ideas in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Magic” It is indeed magic and if you are involved in any kind o creative life, this book is a must.

Back to my painting.

Just in the middle of it a rose was born and then another one and then another. I remember thinking how many roses will there be? the whole canvas? a side? they look a bit off standing there in the middle. but the roses kept appearing on my canvas through my brushes, consuming all the red I had (lucky me I had another bottle)

Then an accident occurred and some paint started dripping. Panic. I am quickly grabbing some tissue. No. Wait. It looks good.

Thank you!

Pfiuu. I find myself adding more dripping paint and I am starting to like the new idea that was born through me on my canvas.


Well, hello “Cloud”

Thank you for choosing me to be your mamma!

Red poppies


Red poppies, original painting

Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

50×70 cm


Red Poppies Original painting

The painting has the sides painted, too, so no need for framing, but, if preferred, it can be done. This photo is an example of how it might look framed.



It is all about happy colors. Celebrate life.

Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas 35×30 cm


Celebrate Flowers abstract painting


Celebrate Flowers Abstract painting

This original painting is available in my Etsy shop: Celebrate