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Hannah – an angel who loves winter Original painting


Just finished last night and my friend told me she looks exactly like her daughter.

So, I named her Hannah.

Hannah loves winter and her red scarf.

She loves the snowflakes floating all around like fulfilled wishes.

Acrylic paints on gallery wrapped canvas

50 x50cm

My Guardian Angel

One morning I woke up at 4 AM, but you see, I am not a morning person, I could sleep late every morning.

On THAT morning I could not sleep.

I woke up and grabbed a canvas and started painting.

The brush was running on the canvas, strikes I did not recognize of being my own. I didn’t think of myself that talented.

I was feeling grace.

I was feeling amazed.

I was feeling thankful.

and there she was:

my guardian Angel. 14285523_1758382627784378_1852109912_o