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Roses – original pinting


Title: Roses. 

Original abstract painting

Media: acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

Size: 50x100cm


From the darkness – original painting

I was having an awfully bad day (brought on by a big white envelope) which felt like one of the worse days in the last 10 years (12 years to be more precise)

I took a new canvas, the black color and the big brush. I felt like making it all black; taking it out of my heart and spreading it all onto the canvas.

Then, I just stepped away from it to feel the feelings.

Feelings of hope emerged from deep down inside and they felt like gold and bright white.

“Everything will be alright” I kept telling myself. “It will all be good” “hang on”

I was pleading to God for help. feelings of gratitude that He’s got my back, as always.

It is another rough road I have to walk on and get over with.

My finger with a considerable amount of white paste started frantically drawing roses. Splashes of hope . Splashes of golden light.

It will all be good. We’ve got this.

“We” because I know I am not alone.


From the darkness – acrylic paints and structure paste on gallery wrapped canvas

50×70 cm

This painting is a constant reminder that even if it feels like your world is falling apart,

YOU are never alone.


Lilac original painting

Lilac Original Painting Abstract Art

the forever fascinating beauty of the tiny flowers that wear an unforgettable fragrance. Memories of spring, memories of love and peaceful feelings flood the soul.

SIZE: 50 x 40 cm / 20 x 16 inch

Media: acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


You can purchase this original painting in my etsy shop: Lilac Original Painting

Moonlight Original Oil Painting


Original Oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas

30×40 cm

Only the roses are shining in the garden, lit by the moonlight. All is silent and you can only hear the leaves moving in the gentle breeze. Listen to the white roses, they whisper words of hope.


Moonlight Oil on gallery wrapped canvas


Moonlight by Ioana Stef

This painting is available in my Etsy shop: Moonlight Original Oil Painting

Red poppies


Red poppies, original painting

Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

50×70 cm


Red Poppies Original painting

The painting has the sides painted, too, so no need for framing, but, if preferred, it can be done. This photo is an example of how it might look framed.